In this course, you will get

25 Hours access to live sessions with the Expert trainer.

Weekly assessments via E-mail.

Course material.*

Access on mobile and laptop.

Certificate of course completion.

*Course material is optional and would cost an extra Rs. 999/- including the courier charges.



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    What will you learn

    We use a new-age approach in English language learning, as we understand that a more practical approach is required to enable a person to fluently speak English. Gone are the days where learning English was all about learning grammar theory, our modern course structuring helps you to quickly grasp the absolute essentials of English instantly and your journey of English becomes significantly shortened.

    With over 20+ Grammar topics, implementable real-life conversational scenarios, and weekly assessment sheet, you can be guaranteed that by the end of your course you would notice a drastic improvement in your English-speaking skills.

    We take pride in serving to a demographic of every age and such can be seen from our product diversity. Our online courses include, English for Kids, Essentials Communication, Effective Communication, Expert Communication and Corporate English. Whatever your English needs are we have a solution.

    At the end of the course, we will provide you with a checklist and you can evaluate yourself on all the parameters and see where you stand. We will also provide you a course completion certificate.


    Smartphone or Laptop

    Mobile data or WiFi

    Keen interest and enthusiasm to learn English

    Course Takeaways

    Can understand simple phrases and expressions in English.

    Can understand basic information written on medium such as newspapers, billboards, magazines and books.

    Can understand basic questions asked to the student and be able to respond in a simple, complete English sentence.

    Can understand and fill basic information about themselves. For example – filling a questionnaire.

    Can ask simple questions to another person and understand their response, when spoken slowly and clearly.

    Can ask another person to repeat what they said and ask them to speak slowly.


    About the instructors

    All our instructors are CEFR level B2 and above. Most of them also have several years of teaching experience. Our instructors have handled thousands of students and helped them move from being a basic level English user. Our curriculum also gives instructors the opportunity to use different types of in-class activities that make the entire session interactive and fun. So rest assured, you are in safe hands.