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    As the saying goes “Words are potent weapons for all causes, good or bad”, What you say and how you say it wields a lot of power and with such it can be perceived, strong and effective communication, irrespective of the field you are in, can prove to be a vital cog in the massive clockwork which is your growth.

    Grammar review

    As the name suggests, in the Grammar review, we take a retour of certain important grammatical concepts along with developing intermediate and advanced level grammar concepts as well. This prepares a well-rounded base and helps you achieve your goal of communicating effectively.

    “Advanced Vocabulary” and “Idioms and Phrases”

    In this module we focus on two things, a stronger vocabulary and learning certain idioms and phrases of English Language which when combined gives you the touch of a native English speaker rather than just a learner.

    Comprehension - Reading & Listening

    The ability to understand and appropriately respond back is the what we call as comprehending. Comprehensions are a great way to achieve this. In this module we provide you with readable and audible passages and make you adept in understanding what is being said. This also significantly builds your conversational potential.

    Voice and Accent Development

    A well-rounded accent is important to leave a good first impression and so is our aim with this module. Not only do we help you in developing a more natural sounding and smooth Indian accent but also achieve this with right pronunciations.

    Advanced Conversation

    A culmination of all our previous modules is the Advanced Conversation module. In this module we indulge you in practical real-life scenarios and test your actual proficiency with the language. We put you through various conversation building exercises like roleplays, debates, discussions, free speech and much more.

    Personality Development

    In order to be able to effectively get your ideas across one not only requires a strong command on the language but also a strong persona to go with it. A confident projection of one’s own self is necessary to be identifiable and appear presentable in front of any crowd. Our Personality Development module is the last step in completing your Effective Communication journey, with this you will now possess all the required tools to stand apart from the crowd.