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    In today’s global business environment, growth and success of an organisation have become synonymous with impactful and efficacious communication. Soft skills have become an essential part of finding, attracting, and retaining clients. Today, it is impossible for an organisation to just solely rely on their employees’ strengths in hard-skills. While the success of an organization is dependent on many different factors there is enough evidence in the real world around us to suggest that it pays to take care of how we project ourselves with our clients or co-workers.

    Accredited sources on why soft skills are important?


    According to a report by LinkedIn, a professional networking giant, India is expected to add five million jobs every year. Working professionals in any form of management will require strong soft-skills.

    Carnegie foundation

    Research conducted by the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford research Centre, has concluded that 85% of the job success comes from having well-developed soft skills and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills).


    In a survey by Wonderlic, it was found that 93 percent of the employers and management consider soft skills “essential” or “very important” in a potential employee with highest value on management and communication skills.

    Harvard University

    A study conducted by Harvard University noted that 80% of achievements in career are determined by soft skills and only 20% by hard skills.

    Need analysis?

    Team with great ideas but lacking its rightful presentation?

    Sales team saturating clients with just product information and features and not actually engaging them?

    Troubles with attracting and retaining clients?

    Do more and do it more efficiently that is the Expert way!

    Why choose us?

    Custom Tailored Courses

    Our courses are designed, keeping in view with your specific needs. We take it in our approach to make sure that we deliver pertaining to your required outcome.


    You tell us how you’d like the program to be delivered. It could be a day or set over multiple days. And accordingly, we come up with a program which would fit in your available timeslot.


    We promise to guarantee the success of any training we undertake with a 100% deliverance rate. We work with absolute determination and make sure we deliver on what we commit.

    Our Corporate Training programs are specifically designed for groups who want to polish their:

    Executive skills

    Impact Leader, Corporate Ethics, High Impact Professional, People Management, Power Dressing, First Time Managers, Managerial Skills.

    Communication skills

    The Art of being Assertive, Effective Communication Skills, Leadership Communication, Business Communication, Art and Architecture of Communication, Listening Skills, Answering Skills, Questioning Skills.

    Etiquette skills

    Business Etiquette, Meeting Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette, Email Etiquette.

    Behavioural skills

    Body Language, Non-Verbal Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Mental Attitude.

    Did not find what you are looking for? Reach out to us to get a Customized Training Module based on your requirement!

    You can also choose from one of our more concrete programmes:

    The Leadership Development Program (LDP)

    Leadership Development Program (LDP) and managerial effectiveness programs are the top of the league programs that are coupled with personalised coaching and action learning projects that help leaders apply the learning immediately. Many candidates haven’t had the opportunity to invest in certifications and higher studies but these candidates have given importance to developing skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving and a host of other skills. They are able to exhibit their potential in an interview, convince clients and superiors, and often get the role or promotion they are aiming for. Talent without soft skills is like an artist without a stage.

    Make yourself an undeniable asset by learning soft skills that will make you stand out in any organisation.