Overview of Corporate Training Programme

Our Corporate Training programs are specifically designed for groups who want to polish there: 

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Executive skills   

Impact Leader, Corporate Ethics, High Impact Professional, People Management, Power Dressing, First Time Managers, Managerial Skills.

Communication skills

The Art of being Assertive, Effective Communication Skills, Leadership Communication, Business Communication, Art and Architecture of Communication, Listening Skills, Answering Skills, Questioning Skills

Etiquette skills    

Business Etiquette, Meeting Etiquette, Telephone Etiquette, Email Etiquette.

Behavioural skills        

Body Language, Non-Verbal Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Mental Attitude

Did not find what you are looking for? Reach out to us to get a Customized Training Module based on your requirement!

You can also choose from one of our more concrete programmes:

The Leadership Development Program (LDP) 

Leadership Development Program (LDP) and managerial effectiveness programs are the top of the league programs that are coupled with personalized coaching and action learning projects that help leaders apply the learning immediately. Many candidates haven’t had the opportunity to invest in certifications and higher studies but these candidates have given importance to developing skills like leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving and a host of other skills. They are able to exhibit their potential in an interview, convince clients and superiors, and often get the role or promotion they are aiming for. Talent without soft skills is like an artist without a stage.

Make yourself an undeniable asset by learning soft skills that will make you stand out in any organisation.